Warranty Registration

Sell 2 World Co., Ltd. (“Sell 2 World, the Company”) to offer one (1) year warranty service to the product commencing from the date of purchase invoice. Services beyond the said warranty period will be charged according to the standard service charge price list from Sell 2 World.


The warranty card is valid only in Hong Kong and Macau. Customer is required to present this warranty card together with the official purchase invoice issued by the dealers of Hong Kong or Macau to our technician for verification when service is rendered. This warranty card is valid only if the model number stated herein corresponds with that of the product and the date of purchase stated herein is the same with the date of official purchase invoice. Save and except this warranty card, any other warranty card issued by other parties will not be recognized by Sell 2 World.



1    Warranty Period (BYOD)

Please register your product for warranty within 7 days and 30 days from the product purchase date.


2    Terms & Conditions
2.1   If customer needs to use the maintenance service, the company's warranty certificate (warranty sticker) and the relevant official receipt must be shown to be valid. The company will issue a repair receipt to the customer after receiving the product, and the customer must keep the receipt for retrieving the product.

2.2   If customer cannot provide such proof of purchase as described in Article 2.1, that is, the warranty certificate and the official receipt, the company will charge customer HK$100 as administrative fee for verifying warranty validity of the product. Customers are advised to ask for proof of purchase such as invoice or receipt from resellers when purchasing products.

2.3   Customer must send the product to the service center designated by the company on their own and retrieve it at the same place within one (1) month after the product is repaired. The company will not assume any related responsibilities for the goods that are not picked up after the expiration date and has the right to discard the products without prior notice.

2.4   Customer shall not alter the serial number of the product. This warranty card is void if the serial number on the product does not match with that shown on the warranty card (if applicable).

2.5   For any defect which in our judgment is caused under normal use, Sell 2 World will repair or replace the defective parts, excluding any surface, cabinet, consumptive parts and accessories, free of charge within the warranty period. Any defective part which has been replaced shall become the property of Sell 2 World.

2.6   Sell 2 World and/or Service Station may notify you about the extended warranty scheme of the product.

2.7   Sell 2 World shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage to any person or property, howsoever caused arising from improper use, or any stoppage, breakdown or failure of the product.

2.8   Warranty service does not cover the following items. Additional charges shall be levied if services are required.

2.8.1   Repair or replacement of accessories, external cables or cabinet of the product. The warranty period of the battery is 6 months from the date of purchase, excluding artificial damage and batteries worn out due to normal use.

2.8.2   The product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tempered with, altered or repaired in any way by persons other than technicians of Sell 2 World.

2.8.3   The product has been damaged through misuse, negligence, power interruption or abnormal voltage input, accident, natural calamities, or due to ingress of insects, foreign matters or liquid, corrosion or external factors.

2.8.4   Malfunctioning caused by improper installing and operation of the product without complying the company’s instruction.

2.8.5   The product maintenance sticker is damaged or removed.

2.8.6   The product does not have a serial number, or the serial number cannot be identified.

2.8.7   Products that are not purchased through the company's legal distribution or authorized sales channels.

2.8.8   Product damage caused by not using the original transformer provided by the company (if any) shall be considered as man-made damage and shall not be included in the maintenance conditions.

2.8.9   Maintenance services only include repair services, and do not include any on-site technical support services for maintenance.


3    Measures of warranty expiration

3.1   The company will charge customers an administration fee of at least HK$250.00 according to different products (non-refundable). The customer needs to return the product to the service station together with the administration fee.

3.2   After the product is inspected, if it is required to replace parts, the company will quote the customer along with the required time, and the customer can decide whether to repair after receiving the quotation.

3.3   If the customer chooses not to repair, he can bring the repair receipt to the service station to retrieve the product during stated service time. The administration fee will not be refunded.

3.4   If the customer chooses to repair, please bring the repair receipt and the required cost when retrieving the product. The paid administrative fee can be deducted for the parts cost.

3.5   Customer will be notified via telephone once the product is repaired. Customer can also call the service center to check the repair status.

3.6   The repaired product is entitled to a one-month warranty from the completion date. If there is a problem with the product during this period, the company will provide free repair.


4    Exclusion Clause

4.1   The above warranty and remedial measures are the only ones and will replace any other express or implied guarantees; whether in fact, legal operation, statutory, or other applicable or including guarantees for sales for specific purposes, etc. The Company neither assumes nor authorizes anyone else to bear any other responsibilities for the sale, installation, maintenance or use of the products represented by the Company.

4.2   If after inspection by the Company, it is found that the claim of product does not exist, or is caused by abnormal use, negligence, improper installation or testing, unauthorized repair or modification, or due to any reason beyond the normal use range, or caused by accident, fire, lightning or other disasters, the Company will not be responsible for the warranty.


5    General Terms

5.1   In case there is any inconsistency or conflict between English version and Chinese version of the terms, the Chinese version shall prevail.

5.2   All terms stated are subject to change without notice. Sell 2 World retains final deciding authority in case of dispute.